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Nov 16 2011

Falling for Cabernet Sauvignon

To some there is nothing better than a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.  When that wine glass holds an exceptionally good Cabernet Sauvignon, little can hold a candle to it.  Cabernet Sauvignon lovers almost intuitively know that when an aged quality Cabernet Sauvignon is poured, any food pairing will be somewhat straight-forward.   Reason being, these […]

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Nov 09 2011

Thankful Sustainability

November is always an interesting month as seemingly each person handles it differently.   Some people commence their holiday shopping in a flurry while others coordinate with extended family members to begin celebrating Thanksgiving early in the months in order to rotate homes for dinner by the actual holiday.   For those who garden, in early November […]

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Nov 01 2011

Creative Comfort Food for Cabernet

Earlier this fall, a friend was chatting with me about upcoming food pairings and how I create my recipes.   With an article appearing weekly, if there are not others around the table to partake in the featured pairing leftovers are packaged and headed to the freezer.  The image of the contents of my freezer could […]

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