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Sep 27 2011

Sweet Italian Flavors & Pinot Grigio

  In the early weeks of autumn in the Bay Area, temperatures fluctuate as for much of the region summer-like temperatures can appear for several days in a row to be followed by cooler weather.   With typical yet periodic summer weather in late September, it is best for Bay Area residents to keep refreshing white […]

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Sep 20 2011

Old Vine Zinfandel: A Timely Revisit

  As mentioned in last week’s article, heirloom tomatoes continue to dominate the local produce scene in the Bay Area.   In September, a late summer heat descends upon the Bay Area.  With warm sunshine, heirloom tomatoes of all varieties practically tumble off the vine, ready for enjoyment. Recently I realized that I had yet to […]

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Sep 14 2011

Here Comes Harvest

  September in Napa Valley marks the start of harvest.   Not all grapes are harvested at the same time as different varietals ripen at various stages.  Similarly, depending on where you are in Napa Valley, its varying geography and microclimates determine ripening.   Even those with backyard gardens are harvesting vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes.   If […]

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Sep 06 2011

Kickin’ Back with Cabernet Sauvignon

As hot summer days begin to fade with the sun’s late rays, temperatures cool and it is easier to reach for those long-awaited red wines.   Red wine, often best known for its tannins and complexity, is something that just does not pair with hot intense rays of the sun.   When winter ends and warm spring […]

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