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Aug 30 2011

Seriously Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is one of those red varietals that rarely do I reach for except for during the dregs of winter.  Notoriously rustic, complex, rich and often lumbering across the palate in a no-nonsense sort of way, Petite Sirah readily pairs with comfort food and is in ready reach on a dark, stormy night.   Yet, […]

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Aug 24 2011

Summer Lovin’ Syrah Rosé

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Summer lovin’, we all knows that it happens so fast.  Whether it is a summer vacation, your summer vegetable garden in full harvest or those longer summer days where the sun sets late in the evening, it all happens and goes by too fast.   This past week I hopped in my Jeep, put down the […]

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Aug 16 2011

Culinary Artistry at Artisan

With summer comes summer vacation and in California, it is easy to hop into one’s car and motor up and down Highway 101.   Leaving Napa Valley and heading south, one does not have to travel very far to find outstanding cuisine and other wine regions.   Descending into San Luis Obispo County, the temperature warms and […]

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Aug 10 2011

Rebellious Rioja & Bodacious Burgers

  Summer, winter, spring or fall . . . no matter the season each week I create a recipe to pair with a bottle of wine.   In some instances, it is the recipe that dominates and other times it is a particular bottle of wine that I wish to feature which controls the pairing.   Yet […]

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Aug 02 2011

California’s Culinary Sweetheart & Bubbles

Last week I made a feigned attempt to resist featuring a sparkling wine under the excuse that I had commenced the month of July with some bubbles.   This week, however, commences a new month that is destined to be filled with adventure, fun and coastal excursions.  With much scheduled ahead in my monthly calendar, it […]

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