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Jul 26 2011

Varietal Summer Escape

In the last few weeks, a ferocious summer heat wave has gripped the entire nation all but for Napa Valley and the Bay Area.   Temperatures remain idyllic and the closer you are to the coast, a cooling fog rolls in making tannic red wines palatable.   While this may be my reality, it is not that […]

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Jul 19 2011

Because It’s Wednesday

Every so often, on a whim, I root through my wine collection.    And there, carefully hidden from prying visiting eyes is a prized collection of Cabernet Sauvignon wines.    These Cabernet Sauvignon wines are kept in a cool dark place.   It is here that these wines thrive as they rest peacefully and undisturbed.   Time can be […]

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Jul 05 2011

Cooling Off in Carneros

The 4th of July holiday weekend brought hot, dry weather to Napa Valley.  Folks slowly motored up and down Highway 29, taking in the beauty of the valley itself and wandering into wineries on whim.   While the crowds filled houses known for its Cabernet Sauvignon or feisty Zinfandel, with the sun baking the valley floor […]

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