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May 31 2011

Que Sera, Syrah

Elyse Winery’s (“Elyse”) 2005 Syrah may be long gone from the tasting room, but it is not forgotten:  particularly if you had the foresight to set some aside to cellar. Months ago, I brought a bottle of this gem to work on a Friday for an end of the day impromptu happy hour.  A co-worker […]

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May 24 2011

Sealing Friendships With Sangiovese

Over seven years ago, on a warm summer’s afternoon, I sat shotgun in my friend’s convertible Saab as we meandered down gravel roads in search of good Tuscan inspired wine in Napa Valley.   The sun shone famously that day, nurturing the grapes that adorned the vines that surrounded us.   We rode along listening to Getz/Gilberto […]

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May 17 2011

For the Love of Port

This article is for the love of port, and dedicated to those loyal readers with an undeniable sweet tooth.    Truth be told, I am not a dessert person.  Nor am I a baker for that matter.  In fact, it is a given that any time baking is involved, the activity will yield guaranteed brow perspiration, […]

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May 10 2011

Coastal California Pinot Noir

The month of May brings optimism and hope to wine country each year as the weather starts to warm, farmer’s markets commence a new season and the grape vines fill with leaves.   Yet as the sun’s rays begin to warm, Mother Nature can be terribly fickle and send clouds and cold winds from the coast […]

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May 04 2011

2nd Annual Hall Winery Cabernet Cookoff: The Results

We lost:  only in the very limited sense, however, in that we did not receive a shiny medal from Hall Winery and that none of the proceeds would go directly to my team’s chosen Napa Valley non-profit, the Napa Valley Opera House.   So, in what sense did we win? By simply participating, we helped our […]

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