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Apr 26 2011

Inspired to Do More, Be More & Give More

For those readers who have been following the Facebook Fan Page and the articles on this site closely for the last month it is not a secret that I and my team are competing in Hall Winery’s Cabernet Cookoff this Saturday, April 30th, with the hope of winning monies to benefit the Napa Valley Opera […]

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Apr 21 2011

It’s So Good: C’est Si Bon

Red wine:  there are so many varietals and so many personal preferences.  Yet if red wine has one common denominator it is that it is good, pure and simple.   Whether your preference is Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache, Pinot Noir or other varietals, when red wine grapes are made into a blend, the wine has the […]

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Apr 12 2011

Seasonal Flavors and Barbera Flare

Cooler temperatures continue to taunt the Bay Area this month as the wind whips residents into shape and renders them fully cognizant that summer is two months away.    While residents long for warmer temperatures, the late wintery spring rains have seemingly subsided and have allowed the sun to cast its rays upon Napa Valley.   With […]

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Apr 06 2011

Drink Local, Eat Local

No matter where one finds oneself in California, one senses a movement to eat locally and consume wine locally.   This concept, while increasingly popular is largely rooted in common sense.   Produce simply tastes better when the time lapse from “vine to dine” is as small as possible.    While Northern Californians often like to assume a […]

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