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Mar 29 2011

Dare to Pair

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Pair take-out with sparkling wine.   It flat out does not get any more casual than this.  Before any devout winos recoil in horror, let me qualify that statement to say that such a pairing should embody a degree of culinary thoughtfulness.  In the early articles of this web publication, I paired Mexican cuisine with sparkling […]

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Mar 22 2011

Adventurous Cab-Syrah Blends

For those who love Cabernet Sauvignon, sometimes the palate longs for variation yet not deviation from the strong nature of the varietal.   If you seek a red wine that still maintains the stoically strong backbone of Cabernet Sauvignon yet offers a unique spicy suppleness, look no farther than a Cab-Syrah. Hall Winery, located in St. […]

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Mar 16 2011

Zinfully Delicious

Winter continues to sidestep the true arrival of spring in the Bay Area as rains fall heavily and fog ensconces homes in the evening.   Continued moisture ensures blooms and on pace, spring continues to press forward despite slightly abnormally wet conditions. Whether in the rain, the fog or by luck of catching a break in […]

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Mar 08 2011

The Ingenuity of L’Ingenue

Spring brings crisp cool temperatures in Napa Valley and throughout much of the United States.  Senses continue to liven as floral scents drift past the nose from camellias, daffodils, nemesia and other spring flowers.   The palate shakes off the slumber of winter, heavy dishes and tannic red wines to search for something brighter, cleaner and […]

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Mar 02 2011

Catching a Glimpse of Spring in Carneros Chardonnay

Winter simply did not seem ready to throw in the towel at the end of February.   All around the Bay Area and throughout Napa Valley there were reports of snow dusted mountain peaks, dangerous frost warnings and unseasonably cold temperatures.   Yet on Sunday morning despite such chilly weather, seemingly overnight, the blooms on my camellia […]

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