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Jun 30 2010

Romance Summer With Rosé

  As June winds to an end, our days are seemingly longer accompanied by rays of light painting the sky with varied warm hues until long into the evening.   Aromas of ripening stone fruit and strawberries fill the air and the garden landscape is dotted with brightly colored blossoms of various vegetables yet to come.  […]

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Jun 23 2010

Muscat Love

Summer … it has finally arrived in its entire splendor.   Bringing warm lazy afternoons and fresh fragrant ripening stone fruit, late June in Napa Valley always manages to deliver a sense that time has temporarily stopped and that the rest of the world is far away.   It is on days such as these that it […]

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Jun 16 2010

Big Bad Howell Mountain Cab

Summer months generally are not my ideal time to be cracking into Cabernet Sauvignons.   As most know, Cabernet Sauvignons can be big, bold and ever-tannic red wines.   The tannins typically dehydrate me which is the last thing that I seek during hot sultry summer evenings.    Depending on the American Viticultural Area (“AVA”), Cabernet Sauvignon grapes […]

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Jun 09 2010

Elegantly Dry Vibrant Chenin Blanc

Early June days bring warm temperatures, bright sunshine and the start of bountiful varied produce in the garden.   It is a special time in Napa Valley where temperatures are generally delightful, people linger at the farmer’s markets and life seems to leisurely slow down.   In early spring, the air was abundant with floral aromas and […]

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Jun 02 2010

Big Pinot, Small AVA

Pinot Noir, the finicky red wine grape which grows well in the Burgundy region of France struggles to find its home in Napa Valley.   Taking into account that Pinot Noir grapes need warmth and moisture, there has been some success in the Carneros American Viticultural Area of Napa Valley and the majority of aficionados gravitate […]

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