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Apr 28 2010

Another Vintage, the Return of Viognier

Spring has sprung in Napa Valley and as the days warm, floral and spice aromas waft all around through the air.   It is a romantic time to be in wine country with flowers blooming, grapes starting to set on vines and herbs coming into season.   With temperatures reaching into the upper 70’s on the weekends, […]

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Apr 21 2010

Sensually Elusive Claret

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Each week this month Napa Valley seemingly receives a tease of warmer spring weather to only fall short and experience another swath of cool rainy days.   While this pattern seemingly places a taunting hold on warmer weather, it continues to provide ideal temperatures to comfortably enjoy red wine. Claret (pronounced Klar-it) is generally a red […]

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Apr 15 2010

Discover Pinotage

Part of enjoying wine is learning about wine.   No matter how much one learns, there is always the possibility to learn more.  When one discovers a delicious new wine grape varietal, it is almost like stumbling across a hidden treasure. Earlier this year I discovered Pinotage.   While it was my first acquaintance with the grape, […]

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Apr 08 2010

The Merits of Meritage

Generally when visiting tasting rooms at wineries throughout Napa Valley I overhear all things imaginable:  a tourist wondering what “big game” can be hunted in the valley, others lamenting how they have no self-discipline to cellar but discipline to consume, brash statements of “this” is a “good” cabernet sauvignon (without regard to the differences in […]

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Apr 01 2010

Spring and Chenin Blanc

As Napa Valley prepares to wave goodbye to winter and revels at the wildflowers bursting along the edges of Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail, dreams of fresh, clean flavors spring forth and the palate begins to warm to white wines.   Still not warm enough yet for the bright acidity and lemongrass nature of Sauvignon […]

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