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Jan 27 2010

Cowboys and Malbec

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One year ago, as rain relentlessly poured, I stood in a winery and listened to a sage industry veteran talk about obscure grapes and which were his favorites.   There was no doubt which was his favorite:   Malbec.    As he effervesced with passion and his face lit with emotion, he forgot his post in the tasting […]

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Jan 20 2010

Mad for Merlot

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Mad for Merlot?   Is this possible?   Have I finally tasted enough wine to have lost my own wits and sense?   Hardly.  Instead, let it be known that anyone who turns up his or her nose at the possibility of being “mad for merlot” cannot claim to be a true wine aficionado. Merlot is a grape that (as […]

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Jan 13 2010

On a Dark Stormy Night… Charbono

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January in Napa Valley typically brings strong rainstorms from the Pacific Ocean, creating cold dark and stormy nights.    Candles are lit in living rooms and the air outside is permeated with the smell of wood fires burning in neighboring fireplaces.   As the winds bluster, the rain falls and a chill fills the air, it is […]

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Jan 06 2010

Good Aged White Wine

Stop scratching your head.   Stop wrinkling your nose.   Good aged white wine?  Could it be possible? Visit countless wineries and you will hear the same advice repeatedly:   “Drink your white wines young, maybe one or two years post release.”    And generally, this advice is true.  However, there are some white wines which can be aged […]

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