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Sep 30 2009

Bubbles’ Small Plates Seduction

Cool autumn evening temperatures are descending upon Napa Valley and for many, backyard patio entertaining has retreated indoors.   Some still brave the fading hours of daylight, perhaps with the hope of cozying up to a significant other.   It is in those moments that a good glass of Bubbles can hold its own.     As noted […]

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Sep 23 2009

Comfort Food & Cab/Syrah

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Ah, comfort food. . . it is generally warm, soothing, sensual and aptly named for its comforting side effects.  Everyone has a favorite.   Similarly everyone has a favorite time or triggering event that merits it.   Indeed it is a fact that comfort food is very personal.   Given the personal nature of “comfort food”, it is […]

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Sep 16 2009

Casual Backyard Elegance

This weekend surprised Napa Valley with an uncharacteristic thunderstorm and cool, cloudy weather.   While the moisture was welcomed, it certainly was atypical for Harvest.   However, it provided ample opportunity to mull over autumn recipes and pour a white wine better suited for slightly cooler temperatures:   Chardonnay. Chardonnay originally hails from France and in the region […]

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Sep 09 2009

A Harvest Delight: Sauvignon Blanc

Napa Valley is buzzing with activity as it prepares for Harvest.    While the wineries are harvesting grapes, residents are harvesting their vegetable gardens for heirloom tomatoes, lettuces and other vegetables.    Whether the day is spent toiling in a vineyard, crushing grapes at a winery or tending to a backyard vegetable garden, a cool glass of […]

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Sep 03 2009

Sugar, Spice and Syrah, Oh So Nice!

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This week launched the month of September but brought hot temperatures to Napa Valley.   Despite sweltering weather, the end of summer looms as this weekend hosts the bittersweet holiday of Labor Day.   Societal lore dictates, after next Monday, that white pants are not to be worn until next summer and summer backyard barbeques are to […]

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