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Aug 26 2009

Classic Times and Old Vines

Ever heard that phrase “it’s an oldie, but a goodie”?    Some things in life simply transcend time:   such as, a classic vintage car on a warm August afternoon, a carefully planned picnic with time-tested recipes, roadside grape vines before harvest and a good bottle of an old vine wine.  Regardless of when you choose to […]

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Aug 19 2009

A Little Goes a Long Way: Petit Verdot

Napa’s warm days are growing shorter and its evening cool coastal breezes are arriving earlier and gracing the late afternoon.   The hint of cool marine breeze combined with warm late summer afternoon sun reminds Napa Valley’s residents that autumn is just around the corner.   With thoughts of autumn in mind, wine connoisseurs affectionately dream of red […]

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Aug 12 2009

Some Like it Hot

Whether it is hot weather or spicy food, some people just like it “hot”.   If you are looking for a wine that will hold up well in either situation, Gewürztraminer is a superb choice. Gewürztraminer is a white wine grape which is made into either a dry or “off-dry” wine and is known for its […]

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Aug 09 2009

Wannabe Winery Dogs

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If you have ever visited Napa Valley and gone wine tasting, you know that many wineries have a canine resident.   These friendly, easy-going furry friends are commonly referred to as “Winery Dogs.”   The Winery Dogs have become so popular that a coffee table book was published about them a few years ago.    Naturally, after becoming […]

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Aug 05 2009

Time for Wine? Roll out the Rosés!

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As the month of August launched this past week, more than one person lamented about the fact that summer is almost over.   I, too, shared this sentiment and the cool crisp morning breezes in Napa Valley served as a reminder that autumn is right around the corner.   Not wanting to give up its throne, however, […]

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