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Jan 16 2014

When You Want Just a Glass of Wine

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Whether it is the end of a taxing day, a quiet evening or perhaps an evening when one finds himself or herself nostalgic for tranquil afternoons wine tasting in California wine country, sometimes one wants simply a glass of wine.  This desire for a lone glass of wine may be driven by the need for […]

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Dec 03 2013

Power of Suggestion: Pinot Noir

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Hot new toy; hot new gift; hot new wine?   Perhaps it is all the same for some adults.  The holiday season is in full swing, welcoming in a bevy of gatherings, parties, dinners or casual festive soirees. Whether it is cheese, sweets or full multi-course dinner, holiday celebrating is upon us.  Some welcome it, some […]

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May 23 2013

Perfectly Paired Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir over the last decade has been a red wine varietal that has triggered passionate conversations, some of which have been full of content and others full of bandwagon generated fluff.  The finicky grape is one that requires a careful climate, a rich soil and a talented hand in the ultimate making of its […]

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Jan 31 2013

Sparkling … Table Wine?

Sparkling wine is that wine that we inevitably reach for in a moment of celebration.   Yet there are so many varieties of varying sweetness to ultra dryness.   Depending on the grapes used, the amount of sugar added and the dryness of the sparkling, a wide world of varying cuisine can be paired with sparkling wine:   […]

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Nov 29 2012

Worth Another Visit

  It is no secret that as time passes, wine ages in the bottle.  If you include proper cellaring, the wine will age properly and evolve into something a bit different than what you originally purchased and tasted in the tasting room.   Frequently, the average wine connoisseur tucks away his or her cherished bottles of […]

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