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May 18 2016

Spring Seasonal Flavors & Viognier

Spring has previously struggled to start in the East but with temperatures slowly inching upwards, the afternoons are warmer and the sun teases of sun tans and summer gardening. Even though most of us are still a few weeks away from all of the wonderful things that summer can offer, there are still ways to […]

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Jun 20 2012

Learning, Living & Loving: a Visit with Casa Dumetz

  For anyone who has grown grapes, made wine or for any length of time simply lived adjacent to the wine industry, the heart and the base of winemaking is agriculture.  Our culture for generations has associated wine consumption with finery, celebration and at times, elitism.   But at the end of the day, the grapes […]

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Mar 01 2012

Waiting for Spring With Viognier

  Everyone seemingly anticipates spring earlier this year.  With the official commencement of spring only three weeks away, the anticipation of its arrival is palpable.  The birds seem to chirp louder and faster, humans have a noticeable spring in their step and local garden centers cannot wait to plant vegetable garden ideas in your head.  […]

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Mar 08 2011

The Ingenuity of L’Ingenue

Spring brings crisp cool temperatures in Napa Valley and throughout much of the United States.  Senses continue to liven as floral scents drift past the nose from camellias, daffodils, nemesia and other spring flowers.   The palate shakes off the slumber of winter, heavy dishes and tannic red wines to search for something brighter, cleaner and […]

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Sep 23 2010

Fruit of Fall and Port

Autumn has arrived.   Some parts of the country are still experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures reminiscent of a typical Southern California autumn and yet Napa Valley is gently coasting into fall with cooler evenings, early rain showers and a sense that summer has been left behind with a sad wave in the rear-view mirror.   As much […]

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