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May 23 2012

Did Someone Say Cabernet?

  Why yes!  Even though it is late May and most of the United States this very week is heating up to encourage an early arrival of hot summer days, I do say “Cabernet” . . .  I just say “Cabernet Franc” with unbridled enthusiasm.   Hot weather screams for crisp white wines, the icy […]

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Dec 15 2011

The Return of Le Corbeau

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  December with its holiday hustle and bustle does not leave much time or room for belabored culinary efforts.   Similarly, with the month’s increasingly chillier temperatures, warm comfort food beckons.   Yet, despite the harried schedules and the inclement weather outside, on a week night one still can find time to pause, pour a good glass […]

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Nov 01 2011

Creative Comfort Food for Cabernet

Earlier this fall, a friend was chatting with me about upcoming food pairings and how I create my recipes.   With an article appearing weekly, if there are not others around the table to partake in the featured pairing leftovers are packaged and headed to the freezer.  The image of the contents of my freezer could […]

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Oct 26 2011

Surprise Summer Warmth

In the Bay Area, it is no secret that some of its warmest weather can arrive in October but when it arrives at the tail-end of the month, it is unexpected.   The days are increasingly shorter with the sun setting earlier each evening.  Nevertheless, when temperatures soar it takes little encouragement to leave an office […]

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Sep 20 2011

Old Vine Zinfandel: A Timely Revisit

  As mentioned in last week’s article, heirloom tomatoes continue to dominate the local produce scene in the Bay Area.   In September, a late summer heat descends upon the Bay Area.  With warm sunshine, heirloom tomatoes of all varieties practically tumble off the vine, ready for enjoyment. Recently I realized that I had yet to […]

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