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Oct 17 2013

Harvest: Celebration of a Vintage

Harvest in Napa Valley is a unique time when the early evening’s sky hosts the final hues of a warm, tired fading orange sun and a delicate papery moon above in a blue, lavender colored sky.  The afternoons yield spikes of heat and the nights dip into a lulling chill encouraging rest.  The air is […]

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Mar 14 2012

Pairing Petite Sirah

  Despite knowing numerous wine varietals well, Petite Sirah is always a varietal that causes me pause when pairing with cuisine.  In a tasting room, Petite Sirah often emerges in a glass as dark and mysterious, with a seductive nose, an involved flavor profile and with tannins ready to rival Cabernet Sauvignon.   It is a […]

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Nov 09 2011

Thankful Sustainability

November is always an interesting month as seemingly each person handles it differently.   Some people commence their holiday shopping in a flurry while others coordinate with extended family members to begin celebrating Thanksgiving early in the months in order to rotate homes for dinner by the actual holiday.   For those who garden, in early November […]

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Oct 26 2011

Surprise Summer Warmth

In the Bay Area, it is no secret that some of its warmest weather can arrive in October but when it arrives at the tail-end of the month, it is unexpected.   The days are increasingly shorter with the sun setting earlier each evening.  Nevertheless, when temperatures soar it takes little encouragement to leave an office […]

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Sep 20 2011

Old Vine Zinfandel: A Timely Revisit

  As mentioned in last week’s article, heirloom tomatoes continue to dominate the local produce scene in the Bay Area.   In September, a late summer heat descends upon the Bay Area.  With warm sunshine, heirloom tomatoes of all varieties practically tumble off the vine, ready for enjoyment. Recently I realized that I had yet to […]

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