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Dec 19 2013

Salivating for Syrah Noir

Wine is meant to pair with food and some wines are simply destined for food.  Earlier this week I posted an article featuring a unique red wine varietal found at Benessere Vineyards in Napa Valley called Sagrantino.  By itself, it is a complex wine that surprises the senses as it steps farther away from the […]

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Jun 14 2011

Wet Your Whistle With Verdelho

Much of the country the last few weeks have been gripped by high heat temperatures yet summer weather has been slow to arrive in Northern California.   Like a pot rolling to a slow simmering boil, temperatures only just this week have reached into the 80’s throughout the Bay Area and may even flirt with the […]

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May 10 2011

Coastal California Pinot Noir

The month of May brings optimism and hope to wine country each year as the weather starts to warm, farmer’s markets commence a new season and the grape vines fill with leaves.   Yet as the sun’s rays begin to warm, Mother Nature can be terribly fickle and send clouds and cold winds from the coast […]

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Mar 22 2011

Adventurous Cab-Syrah Blends

For those who love Cabernet Sauvignon, sometimes the palate longs for variation yet not deviation from the strong nature of the varietal.   If you seek a red wine that still maintains the stoically strong backbone of Cabernet Sauvignon yet offers a unique spicy suppleness, look no farther than a Cab-Syrah. Hall Winery, located in St. […]

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Feb 03 2011

Show Some Love & Drink the Pink

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Who says that you cannot enjoy Rosé in the winter?   I personally enjoy them when the weather warms and the sun shines abundantly.   Yet on a February evening when the fire place houses a toasty fire and candlelight glows, Rosé takes on a warm hue and its aromas and flavors open up. Rosé wines vary […]

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