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May 26 2016

Sunday Funday

Week by week the weather improves and every so often a weekend will be laden with sunshine, warmer temperatures and everyone everywhere seems to relax just a little bit more.  It is the month of May, the tempress that she may be:  teasing with temperatures that slowly creep up the thermometer and with a flash […]

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Mar 26 2014

The Wondrous Versatility of Riesling

Riesling is one of those white wines that drinks well on its own and yet pairs easily with a wide range of food.   It can be served in the winter, spring, summer or fall.  It finds its way around cheeses, vegetables, seafood, poultry, Asian dishes, Mexican cuisine and even some Thai and Indian cuisine.  It […]

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Mar 12 2014

A Season for Everything: Proprietary White Wine Blends

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What exactly is a “proprietary blend” wine?   It certainly sounds fancy and depending on the marketing, it could be intimidating.  The wine means simply what the word implies:  this is a winemaker’s own special blend of either red or white grapes to make a wine that he or she believes unique enough to have marketable […]

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Nov 29 2012

Worth Another Visit

  It is no secret that as time passes, wine ages in the bottle.  If you include proper cellaring, the wine will age properly and evolve into something a bit different than what you originally purchased and tasted in the tasting room.   Frequently, the average wine connoisseur tucks away his or her cherished bottles of […]

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Jul 05 2011

Cooling Off in Carneros

The 4th of July holiday weekend brought hot, dry weather to Napa Valley.  Folks slowly motored up and down Highway 29, taking in the beauty of the valley itself and wandering into wineries on whim.   While the crowds filled houses known for its Cabernet Sauvignon or feisty Zinfandel, with the sun baking the valley floor […]

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