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Oct 17 2013

Harvest: Celebration of a Vintage

Harvest in Napa Valley is a unique time when the early evening’s sky hosts the final hues of a warm, tired fading orange sun and a delicate papery moon above in a blue, lavender colored sky.  The afternoons yield spikes of heat and the nights dip into a lulling chill encouraging rest.  The air is […]

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May 30 2013

Spring Flavors and Chardonnay

This year, for many across the country, spring arrived late, fluttered past and now is waving whimsically goodbye as summer heat quickly approaches.  Gardens which were late to start are suddenly bursting forth with spring lettuces, asparagus, rhubarb and herbs, yet quick to grow zucchini seeds have launched plants and adorned themselves with the first […]

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Jun 26 2012

Simply Edible

As summer switches into gear, backyard gardens look big and lush.  Produce is just starting to ripen:  a tomato here, a zucchini there, a handful of sugar snap peas today, bulbous spring onions tomorrow.  Backyard produce has not commenced bountiful delivery yet and with the sporadic harvest of this or that, all that remains sitting […]

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Mar 07 2012

Fondness for Sangiovese

  In 2009, when this web site was launched, Benessere Vineyard’s (“Benessere”) 2005 Sangiovese red wine was still for sale in its tasting room.  2005 had been a terrific year for Napa Valley such that many a vintner and hospitality professional were ready to tout it as a “monster year”.   Not easily outdone, 2005 was […]

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Oct 05 2011

Welcomed Simplicity With Sauvignon Blanc

  This growing season in Napa Valley has not been without its challenges.  Rain and cooler temperatures visited the valley early in the season and growers watched breathlessly hoping that “shatter” would not happen.   The summer then progressed far cooler than average.   Yields are less, yet flavors should be more concentrated without high sugar levels, […]

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