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Apr 12 2011

Seasonal Flavors and Barbera Flare

Cooler temperatures continue to taunt the Bay Area this month as the wind whips residents into shape and renders them fully cognizant that summer is two months away.    While residents long for warmer temperatures, the late wintery spring rains have seemingly subsided and have allowed the sun to cast its rays upon Napa Valley.   With […]

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Mar 03 2010

Fun Bouncy Barbera

Rainy season continues to linger in Napa Valley and presently it seemingly delivers a storm every few days.  With such weather comes the ideal opportunity to drink red wine but as spring also nears, one finds that the palate is somewhat exhausted from heavy tannins.  This bears a timely educational question.    Is all red wine […]

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Dec 16 2009

Mystical Nero Misto

Colder temperatures descended upon Napa Valley last week and were only banished from the region by the arrival of several days of rain, mist and clouds.   Wintery weather has finally arrived and nearly all of the autumnal leaves have fallen from the grape vines.   Accompanying these conditions is the distinct chill of oceanic dampness in the […]

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