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Nov 14 2012

From the Vine to a Wine with a Smile

  Red blend wines often receive moments to shine simply because of their unique nature.   A little of this, a little of that and a winery creates a bottle of wine that reflects its culture.  Provided that you like what the winemaker bottles, it then allows the winery to set itself uniquely apart from the […]

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Nov 12 2009

Big, Bold Aglianico

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Agli-what????   Aglianico, pronounced “Ah-lee-on-ee-koh”, is as unique as it sounds.   Grown most recognizably in Southern Italy, only a handful of growers in California grow this black grape.   The grape itself thrives in a bed of volcanic and rocky soil, seeking hot temperatures to spur its growth.  Taking this into consideration, there are certainly areas in […]

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