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Jan 30 2014

Sweet on Mon Chou

“Mon Chou” … my sweetheart … my darling … when used in casual conversation among the French.  When found made as a red wine, Mon Chou will equally enamor you. Elyse Winery (“Elyse”) located on Hoffman Lane in Napa Valley makes a red wine under its Jacob Franklin label called “Mon Chou” that is a […]

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Jan 07 2014

A Rutherford Love for Cabernet Sauvignon

Often I will mention that autumn is my favorite time to feature and drink Cabernet Sauvignon but an equal front runner is winter.  If you have been reading my articles over the past few years, rarely will I feature the Cabernet Sauvignon that is presently for sale in the winery’s tasting room as I like […]

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Oct 29 2013

Fall Favorites: Cabernet Sauvignon

Each autumn, as the temperature dips, Cabernet Sauvignon falls into wine glasses like an old friend.   Napa Valley typically has warm weather throughout October but just as Halloween approaches, there is always the possibility of a serious rain storm, heavy fog in the morning, chilly temperatures at night or an early chance of frost.   What […]

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Jun 20 2013

Cabernet Sauvignon: King of the Vine

Cabernet Sauvignon is a varietal in Napa Valley that is simply king of the valley.   Certainly there are countless other varietals that do well here, but it is the combination of soil and climate that allows this grape to flaunt its thick skin and show what it is made of.  The grape is perhaps the […]

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Mar 20 2013

What’s in a Vineyard?

The obvious answer is grapes.  A vineyard, however, is so much more as it ties to a specific place, a specific soil composition and a specific climate.   Those elements combined with the skilled hand of an artful winemaker can produce a bottle of wine that is so unique that you will recognize that vineyard’s fruit […]

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