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Mar 22 2011

Adventurous Cab-Syrah Blends

For those who love Cabernet Sauvignon, sometimes the palate longs for variation yet not deviation from the strong nature of the varietal.   If you seek a red wine that still maintains the stoically strong backbone of Cabernet Sauvignon yet offers a unique spicy suppleness, look no farther than a Cab-Syrah. Hall Winery, located in St. […]

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Sep 23 2009

Comfort Food & Cab/Syrah

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Ah, comfort food. . . it is generally warm, soothing, sensual and aptly named for its comforting side effects.  Everyone has a favorite.   Similarly everyone has a favorite time or triggering event that merits it.   Indeed it is a fact that comfort food is very personal.   Given the personal nature of “comfort food”, it is […]

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