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Mar 07 2012

Fondness for Sangiovese

  In 2009, when this web site was launched, Benessere Vineyard’s (“Benessere”) 2005 Sangiovese red wine was still for sale in its tasting room.  2005 had been a terrific year for Napa Valley such that many a vintner and hospitality professional were ready to tout it as a “monster year”.   Not easily outdone, 2005 was […]

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Oct 26 2011

Surprise Summer Warmth

In the Bay Area, it is no secret that some of its warmest weather can arrive in October but when it arrives at the tail-end of the month, it is unexpected.   The days are increasingly shorter with the sun setting earlier each evening.  Nevertheless, when temperatures soar it takes little encouragement to leave an office […]

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Sep 06 2011

Kickin’ Back with Cabernet Sauvignon

As hot summer days begin to fade with the sun’s late rays, temperatures cool and it is easier to reach for those long-awaited red wines.   Red wine, often best known for its tannins and complexity, is something that just does not pair with hot intense rays of the sun.   When winter ends and warm spring […]

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May 24 2011

Sealing Friendships With Sangiovese

Over seven years ago, on a warm summer’s afternoon, I sat shotgun in my friend’s convertible Saab as we meandered down gravel roads in search of good Tuscan inspired wine in Napa Valley.   The sun shone famously that day, nurturing the grapes that adorned the vines that surrounded us.   We rode along listening to Getz/Gilberto […]

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May 17 2011

For the Love of Port

This article is for the love of port, and dedicated to those loyal readers with an undeniable sweet tooth.    Truth be told, I am not a dessert person.  Nor am I a baker for that matter.  In fact, it is a given that any time baking is involved, the activity will yield guaranteed brow perspiration, […]

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