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Jan 30 2014

Sweet on Mon Chou

“Mon Chou” … my sweetheart … my darling … when used in casual conversation among the French.  When found made as a red wine, Mon Chou will equally enamor you. Elyse Winery (“Elyse”) located on Hoffman Lane in Napa Valley makes a red wine under its Jacob Franklin label called “Mon Chou” that is a […]

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Oct 20 2010

Beautiful Bordeaux Blend

With autumn in full swing, colorful leaves begin to adorn grape vines in Napa Valley and in the rest of the country paint the treetops of skylines to only fall poetically to the ground.   Autumn’s palette fills with orange, yellow, burgundy red, crimson red and brown to create warm hues on leaves previously kissed by […]

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Sep 08 2010

Welcome Back Cab

With Labor Day under one’s belt, near-autumnal breezes whispering at the ear and fleeting warm afternoons at hand, there is no better time than to welcome back Cabernet Sauvignon to the table.   Summer months generally prove far too warm for me and my guests to appropriately appreciate the offerings that Cabernet Sauvignon sets forth in […]

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Aug 19 2009

A Little Goes a Long Way: Petit Verdot

Napa’s warm days are growing shorter and its evening cool coastal breezes are arriving earlier and gracing the late afternoon.   The hint of cool marine breeze combined with warm late summer afternoon sun reminds Napa Valley’s residents that autumn is just around the corner.   With thoughts of autumn in mind, wine connoisseurs affectionately dream of red […]

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