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Jun 20 2012

Learning, Living & Loving: a Visit with Casa Dumetz

  For anyone who has grown grapes, made wine or for any length of time simply lived adjacent to the wine industry, the heart and the base of winemaking is agriculture.  Our culture for generations has associated wine consumption with finery, celebration and at times, elitism.   But at the end of the day, the grapes […]

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Aug 25 2010

Summer Splendor and Crémant

As summer winds down and fall waits patiently around the corner, last “hurrahs” are sought in the final full week of August.   People push to find time to entertain outdoors and grasp at the final elements of summer to savor until next year.   It seems this summer has passed faster than others past and this […]

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Aug 12 2009

Some Like it Hot

Whether it is hot weather or spicy food, some people just like it “hot”.   If you are looking for a wine that will hold up well in either situation, Gewürztraminer is a superb choice. Gewürztraminer is a white wine grape which is made into either a dry or “off-dry” wine and is known for its […]

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