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Apr 16 2014

Get Into The Spring of Things With Rosé

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    It is no secret that Rosé is summer’s companion.  Often cheeky in its acidity, flavor and sweetness, it coyly hints of the arrival of summer freedom and the possibilities that lie therein.  It pairs well with hot weather:  no matter if your climate is dry or humid.  Slowly sipping Rosé on a hot […]

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Jun 20 2012

Learning, Living & Loving: a Visit with Casa Dumetz

  For anyone who has grown grapes, made wine or for any length of time simply lived adjacent to the wine industry, the heart and the base of winemaking is agriculture.  Our culture for generations has associated wine consumption with finery, celebration and at times, elitism.   But at the end of the day, the grapes […]

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Oct 26 2011

Surprise Summer Warmth

In the Bay Area, it is no secret that some of its warmest weather can arrive in October but when it arrives at the tail-end of the month, it is unexpected.   The days are increasingly shorter with the sun setting earlier each evening.  Nevertheless, when temperatures soar it takes little encouragement to leave an office […]

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Jul 05 2011

Cooling Off in Carneros

The 4th of July holiday weekend brought hot, dry weather to Napa Valley.  Folks slowly motored up and down Highway 29, taking in the beauty of the valley itself and wandering into wineries on whim.   While the crowds filled houses known for its Cabernet Sauvignon or feisty Zinfandel, with the sun baking the valley floor […]

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Feb 03 2011

Show Some Love & Drink the Pink

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Who says that you cannot enjoy Rosé in the winter?   I personally enjoy them when the weather warms and the sun shines abundantly.   Yet on a February evening when the fire place houses a toasty fire and candlelight glows, Rosé takes on a warm hue and its aromas and flavors open up. Rosé wines vary […]

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