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Dec 06 2011

The Magic of Merlot

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Exactly one year ago this week, I met and became friends with a colleague who shared my love of wine and food pairing.   Throughout the course of the past year, whenever the topic of wine and food pairing would arise, my colleague would always suggest Merlot with thoughtful remembrance.   Perhaps it was due to the […]

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Sep 16 2009

Casual Backyard Elegance

This weekend surprised Napa Valley with an uncharacteristic thunderstorm and cool, cloudy weather.   While the moisture was welcomed, it certainly was atypical for Harvest.   However, it provided ample opportunity to mull over autumn recipes and pour a white wine better suited for slightly cooler temperatures:   Chardonnay. Chardonnay originally hails from France and in the region […]

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Jul 29 2009

Summer Afternoon Affair: Pinot Grigio

It is a lazy summer afternoon in Napa Valley.   The sun is warm, and the breeze is gentle.   Tasks mount on many a to-do list, but there is an undeniable sense in the air that no one is in a hurry.   Below, the blades of grass are soft between your bare toes and above, the […]

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