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May 16 2013

Passionate About Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is one of those grapes that many wine drinkers find obscure but for those who know California wine well, they know that this varietal nearly finds a native home in Northern California and that it captivates the consumer and vintner alike.  The grape originally was introduced in 1884 from France into California as […]

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Jan 31 2013

Sparkling … Table Wine?

Sparkling wine is that wine that we inevitably reach for in a moment of celebration.   Yet there are so many varieties of varying sweetness to ultra dryness.   Depending on the grapes used, the amount of sugar added and the dryness of the sparkling, a wide world of varying cuisine can be paired with sparkling wine:   […]

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Nov 29 2012

Worth Another Visit

  It is no secret that as time passes, wine ages in the bottle.  If you include proper cellaring, the wine will age properly and evolve into something a bit different than what you originally purchased and tasted in the tasting room.   Frequently, the average wine connoisseur tucks away his or her cherished bottles of […]

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Nov 14 2012

From the Vine to a Wine with a Smile

  Red blend wines often receive moments to shine simply because of their unique nature.   A little of this, a little of that and a winery creates a bottle of wine that reflects its culture.  Provided that you like what the winemaker bottles, it then allows the winery to set itself uniquely apart from the […]

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Jun 26 2012

Simply Edible

As summer switches into gear, backyard gardens look big and lush.  Produce is just starting to ripen:  a tomato here, a zucchini there, a handful of sugar snap peas today, bulbous spring onions tomorrow.  Backyard produce has not commenced bountiful delivery yet and with the sporadic harvest of this or that, all that remains sitting […]

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