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Apr 13 2016

Because It’s Wednesday

  Spring is slow-coming this year.  New England has been hit recently with multiple “spring” snowstorms putting the brakes on trees with budding leaves, flowers emerging from the ground and garden planting. Warmer weather has not arrived with any regularity yet and at this point, it cannot arrive soon enough.  Inclimate weather provides the opportunity […]

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Feb 24 2016

Seeking a Bit of February Brightness

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  February, regardless of where you live, is that point in winter when you have a couple of substantial storms under your belt, waved goodbye to the holidays in the rearview mirror and you note that finally the sun has begun to rise a bit earlier and set a bit later. It is right about […]

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Jan 30 2014

Sweet on Mon Chou

“Mon Chou” … my sweetheart … my darling … when used in casual conversation among the French.  When found made as a red wine, Mon Chou will equally enamor you. Elyse Winery (“Elyse”) located on Hoffman Lane in Napa Valley makes a red wine under its Jacob Franklin label called “Mon Chou” that is a […]

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Jan 16 2014

When You Want Just a Glass of Wine

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Whether it is the end of a taxing day, a quiet evening or perhaps an evening when one finds himself or herself nostalgic for tranquil afternoons wine tasting in California wine country, sometimes one wants simply a glass of wine.  This desire for a lone glass of wine may be driven by the need for […]

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Jan 07 2014

A Rutherford Love for Cabernet Sauvignon

Often I will mention that autumn is my favorite time to feature and drink Cabernet Sauvignon but an equal front runner is winter.  If you have been reading my articles over the past few years, rarely will I feature the Cabernet Sauvignon that is presently for sale in the winery’s tasting room as I like […]

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