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May 16 2013

Passionate About Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is one of those grapes that many wine drinkers find obscure but for those who know California wine well, they know that this varietal nearly finds a native home in Northern California and that it captivates the consumer and vintner alike.  The grape originally was introduced in 1884 from France into California as […]

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Oct 24 2012

Sweet Summer Memories

  The summer of 2012 is gone and passed in the blink of an eye.  It was loaded with adventures, activities, produce, regional cheeses, family and friends.  We now find ourselves in October, which for some may involve cooler autumn temperatures but for many of us it includes misleadingly warm afternoons as if to convince […]

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Oct 11 2011

Sweet on Bubbles

For those who love sparkling wine, they know best that no matter the time, the meal or the event that life is simply better with Bubbles.  It matters not how extravagant the pairing (or to the contrary, how mundane), when paired with a glass of sparkling wine there is an added dash of festivity and […]

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Jun 28 2011

Summer Backyard Barbeque and Zinfandel

With the holiday weekend ahead, of all the wines that could be served in backyard barbeque celebrations, if the evening temperatures cool and are moderate then Zinfandel should be one within easy reach.   Widely planted throughout California, Zinfandel is the red varietal that perhaps comes in second presently to the famed Cabernet Sauvignon.   The varietals, […]

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May 17 2011

For the Love of Port

This article is for the love of port, and dedicated to those loyal readers with an undeniable sweet tooth.    Truth be told, I am not a dessert person.  Nor am I a baker for that matter.  In fact, it is a given that any time baking is involved, the activity will yield guaranteed brow perspiration, […]

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