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Oct 29 2013

Fall Favorites: Cabernet Sauvignon

Each autumn, as the temperature dips, Cabernet Sauvignon falls into wine glasses like an old friend.   Napa Valley typically has warm weather throughout October but just as Halloween approaches, there is always the possibility of a serious rain storm, heavy fog in the morning, chilly temperatures at night or an early chance of frost.   What […]

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Mar 14 2012

Pairing Petite Sirah

  Despite knowing numerous wine varietals well, Petite Sirah is always a varietal that causes me pause when pairing with cuisine.  In a tasting room, Petite Sirah often emerges in a glass as dark and mysterious, with a seductive nose, an involved flavor profile and with tannins ready to rival Cabernet Sauvignon.   It is a […]

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Aug 10 2011

Rebellious Rioja & Bodacious Burgers

  Summer, winter, spring or fall . . . no matter the season each week I create a recipe to pair with a bottle of wine.   In some instances, it is the recipe that dominates and other times it is a particular bottle of wine that I wish to feature which controls the pairing.   Yet […]

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Jun 23 2011

Coast Into Summer With Cabernet Franc

Temperatures warmed this past weekend in the Bay Area and back patio doors opened on Father’s Day to fittingly commence one of America’s greatest past times, barbequing.   Grills up and down my neighborhood block fired up and permeated the air with smoky aromas of charcoal and grilled meat.   Despite the warm sun, a cool breeze […]

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Jul 01 2009

Free Your Taste Buds: Discover Cabernet Franc

As the 4th of July approaches, there is a spirit of independence and celebration in the air in Napa Valley.   The first sense of freedom came when our heat wave broke on Monday evening, which sent the triple digit temperatures of the weekend packing.    As Napa Valley residents seem to breathe a collective sigh relief, […]

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