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Apr 13 2016

Because It’s Wednesday

  Spring is slow-coming this year.  New England has been hit recently with multiple “spring” snowstorms putting the brakes on trees with budding leaves, flowers emerging from the ground and garden planting. Warmer weather has not arrived with any regularity yet and at this point, it cannot arrive soon enough.  Inclimate weather provides the opportunity […]

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Feb 24 2016

Seeking a Bit of February Brightness

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  February, regardless of where you live, is that point in winter when you have a couple of substantial storms under your belt, waved goodbye to the holidays in the rearview mirror and you note that finally the sun has begun to rise a bit earlier and set a bit later. It is right about […]

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Feb 20 2014

Spring is in the Air: Chardonnay

While it is a month ahead of schedule, spring feels like it is in the air in Napa Valley.  Thankful for a recent major rain storm where Napa saw over 12 inches of rain in the course of three days, the trees are blossoming, flowers are reaching up from sleepy winter soil, the base of […]

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Nov 06 2013

Treat Yourself: Petite Sirah

The leaves are changing quickly in the vineyards in Napa Valley from Carneros to Calistoga.  Each evening the temperature drops a bit lower and in the morning a gust of wind arrives from the nearby bay; autumn colored leaves from the vines drop to the vineyard floor, letting us know that fall is here and […]

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Jan 23 2013

Snuggle Up With Syrah

Baby, it’s cold outside.  But it is to be expected since it is January.  Much of the United States right now is gripped by artic air and when it gets this cold, people reach for red wine.   They do not reach for just any red wine.  In the last few days and weeks, more and […]

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