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Jan 30 2014

Sweet on Mon Chou

“Mon Chou” … my sweetheart … my darling … when used in casual conversation among the French.  When found made as a red wine, Mon Chou will equally enamor you. Elyse Winery (“Elyse”) located on Hoffman Lane in Napa Valley makes a red wine under its Jacob Franklin label called “Mon Chou” that is a […]

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May 23 2012

Did Someone Say Cabernet?

  Why yes!  Even though it is late May and most of the United States this very week is heating up to encourage an early arrival of hot summer days, I do say “Cabernet” . . .  I just say “Cabernet Franc” with unbridled enthusiasm.   Hot weather screams for crisp white wines, the icy […]

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Feb 22 2012

Simply Satisfying

  Cabernet Franc is a varietal which some may know, some may not know; some may pass over, and some may smartly cherish. Often found as a blending grape in well-know Cabernet Sauvignon wines, from time to time when a winery has exceptional fruit and/or an exceptional year, Cabernet Franc will be bottled as a […]

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Nov 01 2011

Creative Comfort Food for Cabernet

Earlier this fall, a friend was chatting with me about upcoming food pairings and how I create my recipes.   With an article appearing weekly, if there are not others around the table to partake in the featured pairing leftovers are packaged and headed to the freezer.  The image of the contents of my freezer could […]

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Jul 19 2011

Because It’s Wednesday

Every so often, on a whim, I root through my wine collection.    And there, carefully hidden from prying visiting eyes is a prized collection of Cabernet Sauvignon wines.    These Cabernet Sauvignon wines are kept in a cool dark place.   It is here that these wines thrive as they rest peacefully and undisturbed.   Time can be […]

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