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Sep 27 2011

Sweet Italian Flavors & Pinot Grigio

  In the early weeks of autumn in the Bay Area, temperatures fluctuate as for much of the region summer-like temperatures can appear for several days in a row to be followed by cooler weather.   With typical yet periodic summer weather in late September, it is best for Bay Area residents to keep refreshing white […]

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Nov 17 2010

Wines to be Thankful For

This past week Napa Valley has received the gift of unseasonably warm temperatures with seemingly never ending warm rays of sun.   The leaves on the grape vines have peaked and in certain American Cultural Areas (“AVAs”) such as Yountville and Carneros, autumnal colors literally carpet the landscape.   Wandering in among the vines, (as depicted in […]

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Aug 11 2010

The Return of Pinot Grigio

Coasting into the second week of August, many find themselves making a “Summer Bucket List” filled with things and activities that seemingly must be done before summer ends.   There is one wine in Napa Valley that quintessentially captures the essence of summer and for me, it would be remiss to not feature it:  Benessere Vineyards’ […]

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Mar 10 2010

Easy Breezy Pinot Grigio

Generally I reserve warmer temperatures or seasons for drinking most white wines.   For me, I personally prefer a mid-70 degree day, the sunshine on my shoulders and a comfortable lounge chair as I sit back and sip a tropical-nosed white wine.   Sometimes, however, when a white wine has that certain proper kick of acidity, it […]

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Jul 29 2009

Summer Afternoon Affair: Pinot Grigio

It is a lazy summer afternoon in Napa Valley.   The sun is warm, and the breeze is gentle.   Tasks mount on many a to-do list, but there is an undeniable sense in the air that no one is in a hurry.   Below, the blades of grass are soft between your bare toes and above, the […]

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