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May 26 2016

Sunday Funday

Week by week the weather improves and every so often a weekend will be laden with sunshine, warmer temperatures and everyone everywhere seems to relax just a little bit more.  It is the month of May, the tempress that she may be:  teasing with temperatures that slowly creep up the thermometer and with a flash […]

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Mar 06 2014

Luxury in a Bottle

Sparkling wine is the United States’ local sustainable answer to French Champagne.  Naturally, no one is allowed to call a fun bottle of bubbles “champagne” unless the vintage actually hails from the Champagne region of France.  Traditionally, the notion of “champagne” exudes messages of elegance, luxury and celebration.  Friends who have traveled or lived in […]

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Feb 20 2014

Spring is in the Air: Chardonnay

While it is a month ahead of schedule, spring feels like it is in the air in Napa Valley.  Thankful for a recent major rain storm where Napa saw over 12 inches of rain in the course of three days, the trees are blossoming, flowers are reaching up from sleepy winter soil, the base of […]

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May 30 2013

Spring Flavors and Chardonnay

This year, for many across the country, spring arrived late, fluttered past and now is waving whimsically goodbye as summer heat quickly approaches.  Gardens which were late to start are suddenly bursting forth with spring lettuces, asparagus, rhubarb and herbs, yet quick to grow zucchini seeds have launched plants and adorned themselves with the first […]

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Jan 31 2013

Sparkling … Table Wine?

Sparkling wine is that wine that we inevitably reach for in a moment of celebration.   Yet there are so many varieties of varying sweetness to ultra dryness.   Depending on the grapes used, the amount of sugar added and the dryness of the sparkling, a wide world of varying cuisine can be paired with sparkling wine:   […]

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